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We Want Our Country Back
IMDB Rating: 3.9/10 from votes
Release: 6 October 2015 (UK) /

We Want Our Country Back

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Critic Reviews

This documentary opens with the line. 'This is a Christian country' from a member of Britain First.

Let us pause for a moment of reflection. Britain is a country that follows a religion that comes from the Middle East. If you want me to pinpoint it further, Palestine. So how can Christianity equate to Britishness?

Christianity only arrived in Britain about 1500 years ago. Before that it was a pagan country and was pagan for a lot longer than it has been Christian.

Britain First is a fascist splinter group. An off shoot of the British National Party, English Defence League, heck even from UKIP. That is the trouble with fascists, they cannot even get along amongst their own narrow minded kind.

Britain First have in their sights Islam and the supposedly Islamification of Britain. Islam is another religion from the Middle East just like Christianity.

Islam is not a race, you have black, white, brown or yellow Muslims. So these fascist groups have realised that focusing on Muslims rather than Indian, Chinese or Pakistanis means they can circumvent equality discrimination legislation.

Britain First and its ilk could target Jewish kosher meat, Jewish religious practises and dress codes but because Judaism under UK law can mean religion as well as an ethnic group or race means that fascist groups will be in breach of the law. So it is easier to attack the selling of halal food rather than kosher food. In this documentary Britain First argues you fund terrorism by buying halal food which is very bizarre claim.

Britain First we are told is a fast rising political group that concentrates on social media networking. Their YouTube videos have a high hit count and has a female law graduate as one of its leaders. Big deal, Nick Griffin, former leader of the BNP was also a law graduate. Maybe someone should make a documentary as to why so many white law students go on to join right wing groups later in life.

This documentary is called 'We want our country back.' If the British media were honest in the first place and stopped perpetuating the myth that once upon a time before World War 2, Britain was some exclusive white Christian country things may be different. Even Shakespeare wrote a play where the central character was a black moor. Queen Elizabeth 1 had made remarks during her reign about the increasing number of black people, Moors and people from the Bengal in England.

In fact you can go as far back to Roman Britain when black Roman soldiers arrived with the Roman legions.

So what is the country these people want back? The programme never asks? What Britain do they want back? Increasing number of Scots do not want to be part of it and Irish Catholics from Northern Ireland never had much time for it.

Britain First claim not to be racist but it is not long before they tell someone to go back to the desert.

This documentary starts off by building up Britain First, following them around for some weeks and basically give them enough rope to hang themselves. It is not long before you see their racist and thuggish sides. It is difficult to be anti Islamic but non racists. We see the leaders of Britain First going to areas provoking people even harassing them and videoing it all but somehow they never get arrested. I would go as far to say that if a Muslim acted like they did they would probably end up in jail for a very long time.

Britain First claim to be welcoming of other religions but why? As they say in the opening of the film, 'This is a Christian country.' Why would a Sikh male be welcomed as a member unless he is a deluded one. Their ancestry originates from India, the male wears a turban and must carry a dagger of some sorts. How is this integration?

Of course after the big build up the documentary quickly knocks Britain First down. The leaders have stopped cooperating with the crew, I think they knew they have been rumbled as another rag bag of racist thugs with the same people going to different towns on marches every few weeks.

As documentary it is not very well made. A lazy build them up and knock them down type based on selective editing from hours of footage. It never critically analyses in sufficient depth and asks them the questions I wanted answers for. It is deliberately designed to be provocative and garner newspaper headlines.

It was just a shallow programme.

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