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Head Cases: Serial Killers in the Delaware Valley
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 from votes
Release: 28 September 2013 (USA) /

Head Cases: Serial Killers in the Delaware Valley

Genre: Horror, Mystery
Director: Mark Cray,
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Synopsis: Serial killer Wayne Montgomery committed 41 murders between 1979 and 2007, leaving behind an extensive library of his life's work. Now, a new generation carries on Wayne's legacy in a terrifying world where rules do not apply. Take a trip through the mind of one of history's most prolific serial killers - and his devoted followers who are out for blood. Written by Anthony Spadaccini

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Critic Reviews

Head Cases a film by Anthony Spadaccini A Review by Eric Adams

The term mocumentary has been thrown around a lot over the last five years and does not do the film Head Cases justice. This film by Anthony Spadaccini would be more suited being described as a psychological thriller and a horror roller coaster.

Accompanied by great casting for every character, the first thing I noticed is the excellent acting. Paul McCloskey seemed to be the perfect fit for the lead character of Wayne Montgomery. Even with a strong performance by Paul, I would say Barbara Lessin as Andera Montgomery(Wayne's Wife) and Brinke Stevens as Juile Quin (Wayne's Mom) some how still seem to steal the show. Barbara Lessin has no trouble playing the wife of Wayne Montgomery and her big, beautiful, black eyes add a darkness to the Andera Montgomery character. There is a combination of strength and almost an innocence in Andera Montgomery's voice as she narrates over old pictures and video recordings, leaving you with an uneasy feeling caused by a mixture of empathy for Andera and something unknown as your instinct questions you. Then there is Wayne's mother... Julia Quinn. There is a fire in Julia Quinn's eyes, an evil that you can only find in a mothers eyes. There is a wickedness in the Julia Montgomery character that only seems to grow when she smiles. I paused the movie at one point to use the restroom, when I came back Julia Quinn was on the screen staring at me. Haunting simply haunting. Even the child/teenage actors add to this movie. I can't tell you how many good movies I have seen before that were taken down a notch because of bad child acting, this is not the case here. In particular Emily Spiegel as Monica Montgomery and Joey Garrisin as Micheal Jared Stratten did very well.

Besides good acting, Head Cases has beautiful cinematography as well. Every scene was well thought out from where the camera is to how a scene is framed. This movie also has beautiful color and a skillful use of lighting. The set lighting in Head Cases is well thought out and I would go as far to say an educated use of found and natural lighting. With this, you can see Anthony Spadaccini loves making movies, knows what he is doing, and didn't just pick up a camera and go with it. There is a perfect mix of using photography, old video recordings, and audio recordings for character development and plot development as well. I feel it might be unfair if I don't point out the great photography in Head Cases as well. You feel as if you are looking thru a friends or neighbors photo album and that these pictures existed long before this movie was thought of, adding to the realness and overall eeriness of the film.

The special effects in Head Cases are flawless for this type of film. If Head Cases were made by someone other than Spadaccini, it would have been a different film altogether. First the fake blood used looked great. The amount of blood used and when only adds to the relentlessness of Head Cases. This is not a splatter-fest like Adam Chaplin or Tokyo Gore Police but fans of that type of film will not be disappointed. While at the same time, the use of blood only adds to this physiological roller coaster, and will not disenfranchise the film goer who may not be fans of the splatter-fest films.

The use of dialogue in this film is something to note as well. Every line from every character seems real and nothing seems forced or out of place. Besides the good writing, the soundtrack also caught my hear. A lot of directors of horror movies fall into the trap of adding kick ass songs from bands they like but forcing them into the movie. Leaving viewers like myself actually liking the soundtrack more than the movie. I can't tell you how many times I have bought the soundtrack to a film but not the film. This is not the case with Head Cases. The main portion of music I remember is classical/piano and used as in between music and/or to add to a scene. The music used to build and also intensify what you are watching was also great. And isn't that what a good soundtrack should do?

After I was done watching Head Cases, I went outside for a cigarette. Suddenly I realized I was looking next door at my neighbors house wondering, what was really on inside there on this quite and peaceful night? I laughed to myself as I realized this movie had stuck with me. There are certain movies as you are watching them or as soon as you are done you know this film will be with you for a few days. This is one of the things that makes Head Cases such a dangerous film. As you are watching Head Cases you only feel as if you are watching a good movie. Then suddenly, you realize Head Cases had indeed slipped inside your own head and left a mark on your subconscious.

I would indeed recommend to everyone, buy this film. Before I saw Head Cases I had already pre purchased this film and even now that I have seen Head Cases, I still can't wait to get it in the mail to watch again. Thank you for your time and keep living the dream. :)

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