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In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended when a young mutant arrives, being pursued by dark forces.

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An officer for a security agency that regulates time travel, must fend for his life against a shady politician who has a tie to his past.

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After breaking up with her girlfriend, a nightclub singer, Jane, answers a personal ad from Robin, a real estate agent with AIDS, seeking a cross-country travel partner. On their journey from New York City to Los Angeles, the two stop by Pittsburgh to pick up Robin’s friend Holly, who is trying to escape an abusive relationship. With three distinct personalities, the women must overcome their differences to help one another.

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A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints

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Dito Montiel, a successful author, receives a call from his long-suffering mother, asking him to return home and visit his ailing father. Dito recalls his childhood growing up in a violent neighborhood in Queens, N.Y., with friends Antonio, Giuseppe, Nerf and Mike.

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This omnibus film takes a unique approach to the experience of youngsters.

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With Christmas approaching, life appears to be good for Tom, an ex-Olympic hockey star, and his girlfriend, Jenny, a firefighter — at least until Mary, a former Olympic figure skater, Tom’s soon-to-be ex-wife and the author of a book of tips on relationships, is convinced that appearing to be still happy with Tom will help sell her book. Tom’s strong desire to spend the holidays with his and Mary’s daughter provides a test of true love and, ultimately, reveals who the true heroes are.

Country: Canada

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  • CPMarch 21, 2017Reply

    None of the movies or shows I select are playing. How long do you think before everything is up and running? I know you guys just moved to this link.

  • frankMarch 23, 2017Reply

    This site sucks

  • WatcherMarch 24, 2017Reply

    What is going on with this site???

  • BaileyMarch 24, 2017Reply


  • vegas GMarch 25, 2017Reply

    this dite sucks a lot bring back the old site

  • vegas GMarch 25, 2017Reply

    this site sucks a lot bring back the old site

  • jojoMarch 26, 2017Reply

    same here it sucks a lot

  • BrandyMarch 26, 2017Reply

    I can’t get anything to play

  • GangstaMarch 26, 2017Reply

    Fuck donald trump

  • GangstaMarch 26, 2017Reply

    What is wrong with this site it sucks balls

  • Jnutz02March 26, 2017Reply

    Site is complete garbage

  • StacyMarch 26, 2017Reply

    This was my favorite site. WAS. It’s a joke now. Double the ads and nothing plays. Actually I’ve had to exit out of pop ups three times typing this.

  • tomshelbyzMarch 27, 2017Reply

    i agree im going to putlocker

  • Corey jamesMarch 27, 2017Reply

    R1his site is bullshit. You guys switched to shit and didnt even warn ur subscribers and members. Wtf?!?

  • AllisonMarch 27, 2017Reply

    Why is it I could download yesterday and not today? I have to click on the movie several times to get it to work and sometimes that doesn’t work. And what’s with the blue bar on the screen?

  • jayMarch 29, 2017Reply

    stupid site.

  • SharonApril 1, 2017Reply

    What has happened to this site? Bring back the old site please, nothing is working

  • just so you guy s know it is very hard for them to bring it back, if you didn’t notice that their site was brought down because they were not paying to have these movies up on this site. so they keep bringing up sites and names like go movies and stuff because what their doing is kind of illegal.
    the owner of this site can get arrested because he/she wants to help people save money and not have to pay for these movies, and doing so he/she is doing an illegal task of copyrighting these movies
    so if the old site does not come back it is because they are not able to
    they are trying really hard to get this stuff put for you guys and only few of you don’t go on and on about how this site sucks and they like the old one when if they did bring back the old one, there is a chance the site owner will get arrested if found and this site wont be up at all
    so if I were you ass holes who can not even enjoy a free movie that this owner works his ass off to get to you guys I would be respectful because at least you got a free movie

    and if you are just going to complain

    I can almost bet you that the owner will bring this site down for good
    just because you decided to be an asshole and disrespected him/her over the way a website runs

  • Flamebot9April 2, 2017Reply

    what the fuck I clicked options once and the movie went to shit it wont continue playing because the media could not be loaded even though it was just working.

  • jeffApril 3, 2017Reply

    this site went from great to sucks overnight

  • YeaBuddehApril 18, 2017Reply

    Saw it in the theater, pretty good movie.

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